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  • Artist Name: Yash Majlekar
  • Size: 60 x 60 Inches
  • Medium: Acrylic on Gold Leafed Canvas

The city of Mumbai, much like every other city never seems to fall asleep yet for the past two years everything seems to have gone into a deep slumber waking up only to sustain itself. The Artist, Yash Majlekar, has often found himself sitting by the window looking at the lights around him twinkling like the night sky on land. and yet this slumber is something he could not adjust himself to believe but knew was impending. “like the overworked man, running around every day, the city too feels like has grown tired of the burden of never resting. It too seeks respite from being the known as the active man, and has thus fallen into a deep slumber.” He comments.

remembering the days prior, however, he remembers his life in the streets of India’s largest metropolis, watching the colours and lights meander into non-sensical forms of wonder and beauty as they created a beautiful painting in the night sky.

in this organic painting, he brings the light and colours back to life. In a heavily layered painting, each layer signifies the passing of a day, “as the days pass into weeks and months, so shall the painting grow old each layer shall shrivel up too let the buried deeper to expose itself. it is not just a reminder of time but experience. each layer is only revealed when the beholder wishes for it to change and much like the time spent in this metropolis reveals something new about it so shall it be on the canvas.” says Yash as he explains his take on the work.

Price : ₹37000/-