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  • Artist Name: Amara De Tori
  • Size: 60 Inches  
  • Medium: Wood, Metal & Fibre Art Installation

This sculptural piece is a satire on the inaccessibility of art. Art is often considered to be reserved only for wealthy tastemakers, instead of being an outlet of expression for all. To create a commentary on this, Amara sculpts an arcade claw machine, a structure that would usually carry inexpensive and déclassé toys that are widely accessible to all. But instead, she fills the machine with some of the greatest pop-art pieces of our time, making these exorbitant pieces, suddenly accessible.

To make it even more interesting, the claw machine is notorious for grasping an object or making you feel like you’re about to, only to let it slip right out. The dichotomy lies in the fact that as accessible as it may end up seeming, it continues to elude you.

Price : ₹149000/-