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About the exhibition, a curatorial note

A vivacious exhibition of pop art that recognises the club’s core principles of revelry, debauchery, and hedonistic pleasure. The exhibition includes more than 60 artworks created by various artists, each with a distinctive style and collectively depicts Jolie, the club’s anthropomorphized diva, going on adventures.

Jolie’s Pop Art Exhibition serves as a representation of the transformative power of art by allowing creators to create tangible imagery of the club’s abstract ideals. Each piece of art captures the essence of Jolie’s lifestyle, indulgences, and revelry with its vibrant colours, bold shapes, and playful motifs, enticing viewers to get immersed in the energy of the club.

The Designera has carefully curated the exhibition, with each piece thoughtfully selected to reflect the ongoing narrative of Jolie’s life and adventures. This exhibition serves as a beacon for pop art lovers and enthusiasts, an invitation to experience the power of art in translating emotions and experiences into tangible forms.

Jolie’s Pop Art Exhibition is an immersive voyage into a world of hedonistic pleasure through its bold and vibrant artwork, allowing visitors to escape from the monotony of daily life and indulge in the pleasures of the moment. It is an ongoing show that keeps changing and expanding, adding new artifacts to its collection while beguiling people with its allure and charm.