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About the Jolie’s

An oasis. A playground. A world of its own… all in the heart of the city that never sleeps. Jolie’s is everything you want it to be, and then some. What it’s not, is just another member’s club. It’s culture, it’s experience, it’s zeitgeist. A place for all the doers, movers and shakers. Jolie’s is where the coolest party in town is. And you’ve just got to be there.

Every corner of its sprawling 20,000sq ft is an embodiment of pure indulgence. A portal to another world where anything is possible; a space that transcends time and experiences. It’s where art and culture come together, where exclusivity is the norm and where the mood is always celebratory. Whether for an intimate dinner, a late-night boogie or conversations over cigars, the eight dedicated zones are each crafted to redefine maximalism for our hedonistic connoisseurs of the good life. Looking for a generous helping of the good life? Well, you have arrived.


The Joy of Jolie’s

  • 8 versatile zones of indulgence including a speakeasy bar, business centre and events space
  • Mumbai’s largest al fresco dining
  • World-class cuisine and cocktails
  • Temperature controlled pool and jacuzzi
  • Wellness sanctuary coming soon
  • An all-access pass to our events programme with over 15 unique events every months Curated networking events to meet like-minded individuals
  • Access to 200+ clubs globally No annual renewal fee or guest fee.



Zones Paragraph

Tickle & The Seen

The calm before the storm

The tease before the main affair, our lobby lounge is where you nibble on small deli-style eats, craft brews and coffee. Designed to initiate you into our world of revelry, it sets the tone for what’s to come. Right across is The Seen — a multi-purpose events space teeming with a schedule of scenes to be seen at. Art, theatre, music, comedy, fashion, dance… you name it, we have it for you. With a floor-to-ceiling liquid library, an illuminated bar and a large screen ideal cinematic viewings, the space has been carved out for creative expression through eclectic events and shows.

Bread & Bacchus

A bite of paradise

Bread & Bacchus is the ultimate oasis of refined luxury complete with an adjoining private dining space. A modern Levantine cuisine, with hummus so good (you gotta eat it, to believe it) and an exquisite wine selection that Bacchus (the Roman God of wine and pleasure) himself would be proud of, it truly is a feast fit for the Gods.

The Big Top& Canary’s Campus

A maximalist’s haven

Art deco glam for endless evenings with your coterie — The Big Top is big on guaranteeing you a good, good night with its heady concoction of food, booze and just the right mood.

Step outside its glass doors and enter a new universe at the al fresco Canary’s Campus. Dip your toes into Maldivian sand while sipping cocktails and feasting on authentic Roman-styled pizzas at golden hour, this is an experience you’ll only find at Jolie’s. Where else in the Maximum city can you let loose at a lush sunken outdoor lounge, made even more quirky with an adjoining mini-golf course. Did we mention it’s pet-friendly too? No, we are not too good to be true.


For old time’s sake

Our quaint cigar lounge is designed as a special sanctuary where you can enjoy the indulgent comfort of a cigar, along with a reminder of that old-school luxury and high life. With the finest collection of cigars (some of which are featured amongst the top five in the world) and a special curation of drinks to pair with, it is the perfect space to unwind after a long day of work. In (Jolie’s) style, of course.


Where the night is forever young

Tucked away beyond a secret passage, this New York-style speakeasy can transform to accommodate your vibe for the night —quiet conversation over cocktails? You got it. Feel like dancing the night away? We insist you do. Discretion, elegance and glamour galore, head over to Cabal for a night of clandestine revelry and understated hedonism.


Because the best ideas strike when you least expect

It’s here that the incubation of ideas, innovations and affiliations shall be forged and it’s here that they shall be celebrated. Our business centre is spaciously laid out with long tables, work desks, conference rooms and recreational areas where you can mix work and play, and appreciate the present while building the future.